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Preface: Starting somewhere synopsis
Gail Priest

1  Setting the scene: Developments in Australian experimental music since the mid-1990s synopsis  
Julian Knowles

2  The lost decade: Post-punk experimental and industrial electronic music synopsis
additional material
Ian Andrews, in consultation with John Blades

3  Cultural terrorism and anti-music: Noise music and its impact on experimental music in Australia synopsis
Cat Hope

4  ‘Copyright doesn’t mean shit to me’: Sampling and appropriation in Australian experimental music and sound art synopsis
Shannon O’Neill

5  Part 1: The emergence of popular unpopular electronic music
Gail Priest, with contributions by Sebastian Chan
   Part 2: Clan Analogue and the art of cooperation synopsis
Bo Daley

6  Resonances in the machine of thought: Computational processes in experimental music synopsis
Alistair Riddell

7  Networks, playfulness and collectivity: Improv in Australia 1972–2007 synopsis
Jim Denley

8  Written in air: Experiments in radio synopsis
Virginia Madsen

9  Musicians and boffins, tinkers and dreamers: Experimental musical instrument building in Australia synopsis
Sean Bridgeman

10  Sounding sight, space and bodies: A survey of mixed media explorations synopsis
Gail Priest

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