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Resources (archived)

A list of events, organisations, publications and journals on experimental music in Australia, starting with a selection of resources cited in Experimental Music: audio explorations in Australia.

Please note this page will no longer be added to or altered so is for archival purposes only and currency cannot be assumed.

Events & Festivals

¼_inch (Wollongong/Sydney)

Apostasy @ Sedition (Syd)

Audiopollen Social Club (Bris - finished?)

Byte Me Festival (Perth)

Consolador de dos Caras (Syd - finished)

Disdembraining Machine (Bris)

Electrofringe (Newcastle)

Endgame Records - Events (Syd)

Footscray Audio Visual Social Club (Melb)

Found Sound: the experimental instrument project (Melb)

Hands On Hands Free: Sunday Session
new musical instruments (Melb) (Syd - finshed)

Intense Nest (Syd)

Liquid Architecture (national)

Make it Up Club (Melb)


MIBEM Melbourne Interational Biennial of Experimental Music

OtherFilm Festival and events (Brisbane & national)

PlugNPlay (Melbourne)

The NOW Now (Sydney/Blue Mountains)

ROOM40 (Brisbane & national)

Serial Space (Syd)

Sonic Residue (Melb/Syd - hibernating)

Sound Summit (Newcastle)

Sounds Unusual (Northern Territory - hibernating)

Stutter @ Horse Bazaar (Melb)

This Is Not Art (Newcastle)
collection of festivals including Electrofringe & Sound Summit

Tura New Music & Club Zho (Perth)

Unsound (Wagga Wagga - hibernating)


Organisations & Collectives

Australia Council – Music Board

Australian Music Centre (AMC)

Clan Analogue

clatterbox – new musical instruments

The Dual Plover family of business

ESP Embracing Sound Project
(A project of ANAT Australian Network for Art & Technology

Half/theory collective

Jazz Groove

Music NSW

New Music Network (NMN)


Sound Travellers


Within Earshot Collective

Wired Lab


Australian Experimental Music Labels

Alias Frequencies

Antboy Music

Black Petal

Blood Star Music

Breakdance the Dawn

Bus Gallery - Outer series

Cajid Media

Clan Analogue

Dr Jim's Records (1990-2006)

Dual Plover

Endgame Records

Impermanent Recordings

Kindling Records

Nature Strip

Pulled Out Records

The Rhizome Label


Shame File Music

Spanish Magic

The Spill Label


Synaesthesia Records

If you run an experimental music label and would like to be included email me.
NB: To keep this managable (hey we're all labels these days)
You must have at least 3 releases (these can be CDs, CDRs, cassettes etc, Netlabel) of more artists than just yourself! If it's just you - submit under artist directory.

Australian Publications

Drawn from the bibliography of Experimental Music: audio explorations in Australia


Ros Bandt (2001) Sound Sculpture: Intersections in Sound and Sculpture in Australian Artworks, Fine Art Publishing, Sydney

Roger Dean (2003) Hyperimprovisation: Computer Interactive Sound Improvisation, A-R Editions, Middleton, WI

Paul Doornbusch (2005) The Music of CSIRAC: Australia’s First Computer Music, Common Ground, Melbourne

Shane Homan (2003) The Mayor’s a Square: Live Music and Law and Order in Sydney, Local Consumption Publications, Sydney

John Jenkins (1988) 22 Contemporary Australian Composers, NMA, Melbourne; available online,

Stephen Jones (2006) Synthetics: An Archaeology of the Electronic Arts in Australia, 1956–1975, PhD thesis, University of Technology Sydney

Darren Tofts (2005) Interzone: Media Arts in Australia, Craftsman House, Melbourne

Clinton Walker (2005) Inner City Sound, revised edn, Verse Chorus Press, Portland

John Whiteoak (1999) Playing Ad Lib: Improvisatory Music in Australia, 1836-1970, Currency Press, Sydney


Online publications

Anonradio - archived audio of radio programs such as Background noise

Australia Ad Lib

ABC's Australian Music: classic/amp

ABC's Pool

Cyclic Defrost

Crooked Mirror, Ian MacDonald’s site on Josef Stanislav Ostoja-Kotkowski: Explorer in Sound and Light

Lean Yellow Supporting

New Music Articles (NMA), print editions available through Frog Peak Music, The NMA Tapes are available as downloads or CDRs through Shame File Music,

New Music Paper - Warren Burt has generously uploaded scans of these early journals. Thanks you Warren!

Permanent Fatal Errors

RealTime Magazine



Soundscripts - Proceedings of the Inaugural Totally Huge New Music Festival Conference 2005

ABC's Pool


Selected Journals, Articles, Papers, Catalogues, Zines

Drawn from the bibliography of Experimental Music: audio explorations in Australia

Ernie Althoff (2002) 'Ferric-oxide archaeology: A survey of audio cassette player manipulation techniques in live performance, 1977-91', New Music Articles

Bob Baker Fish (2007) ‘Philip Samartzis interview with Bob Baker Fish’, Cyclic Defrost, no. 16

Biennale of Sydney (1982) Vision in Disbelief, catalogue (sound section)

Philip Brophy and David Chesworth (1980) New Music 1978-1979, CHMC, Melbourne

Philip Brophy and David Chesworth (1980-81) New Music Nos 1-4, CHMC, Melbourne

Paul Brown (1989) ‘Beyond art’, Paul Brown,

Philip Brophy (1981) 'What is this thing called "Disco"', Art & Text, no. 3

Warren Burt (1988) ‘SAMPLES III for computer processed orchestra sounds – what it is and what it is not’, New Music Articles, no. 6

Warren Burt and Les Gilbert (eds) (1977-78) The New Music Newspaper, no. 1, August/September 1977; no. 2, October/November 1977; no. 3, December/January 1977-78

Adam Carey (2005) ‘Dave Brown’, Cyclic Defrost, no. 12, September

Sebastian Chan (1997) ‘The cops are jammin’ the frequency: Critical moments for the Sydney free party scene’

Paul Carter (1992) The Sound In Between: Voice, Space, Performance, NSW University Press, Sydney

Datacide (1997) ‘Bloody Fist: Interview with Mark Newlands’, Datacide, no. 3

Sherre DeLys and Marius Foley, ‘The Exchange: a radio/web project for creative practitioners and researchers’, Convergence, vol. 12, no. 2

Jim Denley (1992) ‘Improvisation: The entanglement of awareness and physicality’, Sounds Australian, no. 32

Tom Ellard (1982) '"Cut-Up": A new music for Sydney', Art Network, no. 6

Roger Frampton (1992) ‘Teletopa, AZ Music, Free Kata and free improvised music in Australia: An autobiographical perspective’, Sounds Australian, no. 32

Chris Gibson (1997) ‘Subversive sites: Rave, empowerment and the internet’, paper presented at the IASPM Conference, Sydney, 21–23 July

Mark Grooves (1997) ‘Lucas Abela interview’, Ujaku, no. 6

Rex Harris (1986) ‘Computer music in the University of Melbourne’. In Alistair Riddell (ed.) New Music Articles, no. 6

Dale Harrison (1999) uBin…terview, Cyclic Defrost, no.10, June (photocopy series)

Wendy Haslem (2007) ‘Side by side: Australian and Japanese media art’, RealTime, no. 77,

Sean Healy (2004) ‘A brief history of VJing in Australia’, Cyclic Defrost, no. 9,

Stephen Jones (2004) ‘Philippa Cullen: Dancing the music’, Leonardo Music Journal, no. 14

Stephen Jones (2003) ‘Synthetics: A history of the electronically generated image in Australia’, Leonardo, vol. 36, no. 3

Marshall, Dr. J. and Hope, C. (Eds.) (2006) Sound Scripts – Proceedings of the Inaugural Totally Huge New Music Festival Perth, Edith Cowan Univeristy

Marshall, Dr. J. and Hope, C. (Eds.) (2008) Sound Scripts – Proceedings of the Inaugural Totally Huge New Music Festival Sydney, Australian Music Centre (in press)

Sally Macarthur (1994) ‘Moya Henderson’, Contemporary Music Review, vol. 11, no. 1

Andrew McLennan (1994) ‘A brief topography of Australian sound art and experimental broadcasting’, Continuum, vol. 8

Virginia Madsen (1999) ‘The call of the wild’. In Martin Thomas (ed.) Uncertain Ground: Essays Between Art and Nature, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney

Virginia Madsen (2005) ‘Radio and the documentary imagination: Thirty years of experiment, innovation, and revelation’, The Radio Journal, vol. 3, no. 3

Virginia Madsen (2005) ‘The Atelier de Creation Radiophonique: Propositions for an expanded radio imaginary’. In David Goodman, Bruce Berryman and Sianan Healy (eds) Radio in the World: Papers from the 2005 Melbourne Radio Conference, RMIT Publishing, Melbourne.

Andrew Murphie (2003) ‘Electronicas: Differential media and proliferating, transient worlds’, fineart forum, vol. 17, no. 8

Andrew Murphie and Ross Harley (2007) ‘Australian electronica: A brief history’, Culture Machine, no. 9,

Jon Nelson (2007) ‘B’O’K’, Some Assembly Required

Nixon, John (ed) (1981a) ‘Pneumatic Drill 7 /special number,’ Art & Text 3, Melbourne
(1981b) Pneumatic Drill 8(July): Melbourne
(1981c) Pneumatic Drill Special issue - Fast Forward Insert (August): Melbourne
(1981d) Pneumatic Drill 16 (November): Melbourne
(1982) ‘Pneumatic Drill 23:’ Art Network 6, Sydney

Brian Parish (1982) ‘Computer music from graphics – a brief report on research in progress at La Trobe University’. In Rainer Linz and Richard Vella (eds) NMA1, NMA Publications, Melbourne

John Power (2005) ‘The persistence of visuals’, Desktop Magazine, June

Alistair Riddell (2001) ‘Data Culture Generation: After Content, Process as Aesthetic’, Leonardo, vol.34, no. 4

Jon Rose (2007) 'Listening to history: Some proposals for reclaiming the practice of music', Ninth Annual Peggy Glanville-Hicks Address, Sydney, 2 December

Slug (1980), 'Music', Slug, no. 4

SPK (1980) Dokument One, SPK, Sydney

Andy Symaniz (1983) 'Who is Sw Sw Thrght?', Sonics, July/September, pp. 28-33

Paul Taylor (1981) 'Australian "New Wave" and the "Second Degree"', Art & Text, no. 1

Tch Tch Tch (1981) 'Fuck Dance - Let's Art', Sydney Tour 1981: A mini-retrospective, catalogue.

Richard Vella (1984) ‘Misadventures for dial: Interview with Alessio Cavallaro’, Australian Music Centre Newsletter, no 6,

Richard Vella (ed.) (1984) ‘Modern as tomorrow’, Australian Music Centre (AMC) Newsletter, no 6

Mitchell Whitelaw (ed) (2007) Synchresis – Filter, no. 66, ANAT

David Worrall (1999) ‘Composition as revelation’. Paper presented to First Iteration: A Conference on Generative Systems in the Electronic Arts, Melbourne, 1–3 December 1999



Drawn from the bibliography of Experimental Music: audio explorations in Australia

Michel Chion (1990), Audio-Vision, Columbia University Press, New York

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Journals, Articles, Papers, Catalogues, Zines

Drawn from the bibliography of Experimental Music: audio explorations in Australia

Gaute Barlindhaug (2007) ‘Analog Sound in the Age of Digital Tools: The Story of the Failure of Digital Technology’. In Roswitha Skare, Niels Windfeld Lund and Andreas Vårheim (eds), A Document (Re)turn: Contributions from a Research Field in Transition, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main

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Christoph Spehr (2003) ‘Free cooperation’, video transcript

Helen Thorington (2007) ‘Interview: Adam Nash, Turbulence




Discography (in process)

Drawn from Experimental Music: audio explorations in Australia

Lucas Abela, A Kombi – Music to Drive-by (CD, dualpLOVER, 551-BRD, 1996)

Abe Sade, Subzilla (CD, Bloodstar, BS32, 2007)

Company Fuck, The Reptilian Way’ (CDR, self-release, 2006)

David Chesworth, Layer on Layer album (LP, Innocent Records, NON-5) 1981

D.N.E., 47 songs humans shouldn’t sing (LP, Human Needs, 1990)

E.P.A, Black Ice (CD, Dorobo, 019, 2004)

Fraughman, Untitled (12-inch, Bloody Fist, Fist15, 1998),

Gum (2004) Vinyl Anthology, notes, 2CD, 23five, 23five005

Marco Fusinato, 0_synaesthesia Edition (4LP, Synaesthesia, 013-016, 2005)

Joyce Hinterding, Spectral (CD, Sigma/Antiopic, ANSI00101CD, 2003)

Hiroshima Chair, Reset (split LP, Dogfood Production System, Dogmat#4, 1981, with flipside by Texas band Culturecide).

Alan Lamb, Night Passage (2CD, Dorobo, 013, 1998)

Laughing Hands, Ledge (LP, Adhesive 1, 1980)
Laughing Hands, Dog Photos (LP, Adhesive 2, 1981)

Lazy, Microsonics (CD, Dr Jim, 31, 2002)

The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast, Vessels (LP, M Squared, M2005, 1981)
The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast, Zoom < M (generally known as Zoom < Man, LP, M2022, 1983)

Menstruation Sisters, Ma album (CD, Fata, 3, 1997)

Joe Musgrove, Music for Solo Turntable (CDR, self-release, 2003)

Nasenbluten, Fuck Anna Wood (7-inch, self-release, 1996)

Negative Reaction, untitled (LP, Dogfood Production System, Dogmat#3, 1981)

Orchid Spangiafora, Flee Past’s Ape Elf (LP, Twin/Tone, TTR 7910, 1979)

Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox, Flux Compendium (CD, Editions Mego, eMEGO 080, 2006)

Phlegm, Live/Unauthorised (CD, Jerker/Skun, 1, 1995)

Pimmon, Assembler (CD, Fällt, F.0012.001, 2001)

Severed Heads, Earbitten (12-inch, Terse Tapes, TRS001/2, 1979 with Rhythmyx Chymx)
Severed Heads, Side 2 (cassette, Terse Tapes, TRS005, 1980)
Severed Heads, Clean (cassette, Terse Tapes, TRS007, 1981)
Severed Heads, Blubberknife (cassette, Terse Tapes, TRS822, 1982)
Severed Heads, Since the Accident (cassette, Terse Tapes, TRS832, 1983)

Slugfuckers, Transformational Salt (LP, Dogfood Production System, Dogmat#2, 1981)

SoliPsiK, See Saw/Chamber Music (7-inch, M Squared, M2009, 1981)

SPK, Meat Processing Section (7-inch, Industrial Records, IR0011, 1980)
SPK, Information Overload Unit (LP, Side Effects, SER 01, 1981)
SPK, Leichenschrei (LP, Thermidor, T-9, 1981)

Suicidal Rap Orgy, Genital Warfare by Suicidal Rap Orgy (CD, dualpLOVER, t0s–0ff, 2003)

The Systematics, Rural (12-inch, M Squared, M2001, 1980)

Thug, Electric Woolly Mammoth (LP, Black Eye, BlackLP6, 1988),

Various, One Stop Shopping (3×cassette, Terse Tapes, TRS009, 1981)
Various, A Terse Sample (7-inch, Terse Tapes, TRS002, 1980)
Various, Mysterious Kitchens (cassette, Terse Tapes, TRS004, 1980)

Various, Waste Sausage compilation (LP, Black Eye, Black 1, 1987)
Various, Can’t Stop It: Australian Post Punk 1978–1992 (CD, Chapter Music, CH37, 2001)

Various, Spill Compilation One (cassette, Spill, 1992)

Various, Extreme Music from Women (CD, Susan Lawly, 023, 2001)

Whirlywirld, Whirlywirld (EP, Missing Link, MLS-3, 1979)

Various, Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: 1930-1973, Shame File, Sham50, 2007

Various, Underground Australia (cassette, Cipher Productions, DO53, distributed by Shame File Music, 2004)

Buttress O’Kneel (2007), Dear Fellow Australians, ,(download)

Wild Sound Tracks: Reef Islands and Tropical Coast (CD, ABC, 642177872, 1995

The Listening Room’s Alpha (4797582), Beta (4797592), Delta (4797612) and Gamma (4797602) series, 1994.